Refrigerated Cabinets 1400

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Inside/outside in stainless steel, except for external bottom, ceiling and back, made in zinc plated sheet. Inner rounded corners. Insulation thickness: 60mm. Self-closing doors with magnetic gaskets. Electronic, fan stop at door opening. Frontal control panel with probe NTC. Cabinets FN: electronic control instruments with 2 probe NTC; evaporator resistance; exhaust resistance; door side resistance; fan stop regulating at the door opening.  Standard equipment: plastic-coated Rilsan grids GN 2/1 and Stainless Steel runners. Adjustable Stainless Steel feet. Ventilated refrigeration. Condensing tropicalized unit. Withrefrigerating fluid R404A/R507. Evaporator resistance (Running temperature -2/+8°C (FP ) and –18/-20°C (FN ) at +43°C ambient temperature and 60% relative humidity). Automatic defrosting and condense water evaporation. Power supply 230V/50Hz. Options: castors, internal lighting, doors with lock, Stainless Steel shelf GN 2/1, dividing perfored panel, doors, glass doors. Fittings: combinated refrigerated cabinets, bakery, fi sh, meat, and without unit.

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