2.2L SS Exterior/Glass Liner Airpot With Lever Handle

Vacuum sealed Curtis Airpots keep your fresh-brewed coffee, fresh-brewed tasting. Alone on a counter or multiple airpots in a rack they make a convenient, quality self-serve coffee center. Curtis Lever Airpots are available in 2.2L, 2.5L, 3.0L capacities. Gravity Airpots are available in standard 2.5L only. They’re packed full of design features to make filling, dispensing and maintaining coffee centers easy
  • Brew-Direct Design: Curtis Airpots fit directly below the brew cone for simple one-step filling.
  • Single Stroke Lever Action: High-volume pump quickly fills most large cups with a single stroke.
  • Fully Removable Top and Pump: Makes cleaning easy.
  • Three Capacities: 2.2L; 2.5L; 3.0L
  • Lockable: Reduces accidental dispensing during transport or display.
  • Large Carrying Handle and Swiveling Base
  • Choice of Vacuum Liner (TLXA22 Models): Standard Glass Liner or
  •    optional Stainless Steel Liner with black exterior only.
  • Choice of Exterior Wrap (TLXA22 Models): Extra Durable Plastic Wrap: Virtually eliminates denting. Available in standard black or red.
  • Stainless Steel: Commercial quality look.  
Height 16"
Width 6"
Depth 6"

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