EAX5 Vibratory Pump 120V

  • EAX5 Vibratory Pump 120V


EAX5 Vibratory Pump 120V

Ulka EAX5 vibratory pump. This pump will work in place of, and in fact be an upgrade to other E-series (E and EA) pumps, providing longer duty cycles and faster pressure ramp up.

52W 120V 60Hz

connections ø 1/8" - ø 6 mm

max pressure 15 bar

water temperature max 20°C

integrated diode (1N 4007P)

connection terminal 6.3x0.8 mm

NSF certified

Made in Italy

Bezzera 7731019
ECM US1001
La Spaziale 7639
Nuova Simonelli 04800006
Profitec US1001
Quick Mill PO0980
Rancilio 34011023
Rocket C199900281