Eureka Oro Single Dose Espresso Grinder VERSION 1.1 CHROME


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Eureka Oro Single Dose Espresso Grinder Version 1.1

CaffeTech Canada - presents the All new Eureka Oro Single Dose GrinderThe Eureka Oro was designed with the intent to minimize grind retention.  Other low grind retention design includes the grinder chassis being built on a 15° angle to further assist the chute in exhausting coffee successfully throughout the grinding process. 

The Eureka Oro offered through CaffeTech Canada also features a bellow design (blow out cleaning system) where at the end of the grinding cycle the hopper with its accordion design may be  pushed down on the top of the bell hopper to further aid in moving any excess grounds through the chute.  Furthermore, the grinding chamber design is combined with a sweeping system to further help exhaust the grinds. 

With consistent grinding and less than 2/10th’s of a gram retention based on testing the grinder in successions of 10 grinding successions, CaffeTech Canada is confident to say that this grinder is one of the best low retention grinders on the market. 

An impressive stepless adjustment wheel complete with the Eureka trademark gives the user a professional feel when adjusting the Burr heights to any grind setting.  Capable of taking your coffee is fine as espresso and his course is the requirements needed for cold brew, the all purpose grinder from Eureka really hits the mark on all fronts and makes Oro one of the best all purpose grinders on the market. 

Operated by a laterally positioned On/Off Switch which is easily accessible and styled with wooden base plus magnetic coupling for the grounds coffee container and a wooden bell hopper lid , the Eureka Oro comes their Patented “Diamond Inside” Burr technology . This innovation gives these metal carbide burrs a lifespan of approximately 1000 kg. This is an excellent value for all purposes grinders intended for the home. This translates to approximately 50,000 coffees before one would need to consider a burr set swap. 

The Eureka Oro single dose Rounds up with a 1650 RPM speed with a motor 320 watts. If speed, simplicity , quiet grinding and consistency are top priorities in your grinder search, then the Eureka Oro single-dose from CaffeTech Canada is an excellent choice for you.

Your one stop shop for all Eureka products, CaffeTech Canada Is eager to offer assistance in all you’re purchasing questions. 

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  • 65 mm Flat Burrs: Professional flat burrs (65 mm) for a unique consistency of the grind.
  • ELR System (Extremely Low Retention): The perfect inclination of the grinding chamber (15 °), combined with dedicated technical solutions, guarantees retention close to zero.
  • Diamond Inside: Patented by Eureka, the Diamond Inside® process keeps the granulometry constant longer than any other burrs treatment.
  • Mignon Blow Up Cleaning: The use of Blow Up allows preparing your next shot with the grinding chamber always clean.
  • Espresso & Brew: Burrs design suitable both for Espresso and all the alternative coffee brewing methods.
  • Dosing Cup: Made of stainless steel (45 g), it perfectly fits your portafilter, keeping your workspace nice and tidy.
  • Eureka Engine: The only one in the segment equipped with an AC engine, usually required by professional baristas due to its higher efficiency, resistance and durability over time.
  • Mignon Single Dose Hopper: Equipped with a wooden lid and revolving metal tab, compactly designed (45 g) to easily grind your single shot.
  • “High Speed” productivity: The unique combination of engine – Diamond Inside® burrs (65 mm) guarantees high productivity (2.3 – 2.8 g/s Espresso; 2.8 – 3.3 g/s Brew).
  • Exclusive design: Wood refined finishes for a premium product, with the highest attention to detail.
  • Eureka Stepless Micrometric Regulation: Infinite grind control provided by the Eureka patented system, enhanced by the extra-comfort knob.
  • Made In Italy: Absolute reliability over time, granted by the selection of the finest materials and quality of Made in Florence.
  • Easy activation (ON/OFF): Manual activation on the side, delivering fresh grind in the simplest way.
  • Silent Technology: Extremely silent grinding (60 dB) thanks to the exclusive anti-vibration solution.
  • Precise grind adjustment: The Mignon Oro Single Dose will grinder perfectly for just about any brew method, and dialing the grind to your taste is easy and precise with Eureka's.
  • Inclined for Extremely Low Retention: The grinder ins inclined at a 15 degree angle, providing the perfect single dosing experience, and extremely low grind retention.
  • Eureka "Blow up" Bellows on Hopper: The use of Blow Up allows preparing your next shot with the grinding chamber always clean.
Depth 26 cm
Height 32.1 cm
Weight 7.2 kg
Width 12.8 cm
Bean Hopper Capacity Single Dose
Bean Hopper Material N/A
Best Suited For All brew methods
Burr Material

Stainless Steel with

'DIamond Inside' Treatment

Burr Size 65mm
Burr Speed 1650 RPM
Burr Type Flat
Colour Various
Dispensing Method Dosing Cup Included
Grind Adjustment Stepless
Grind Retention Extremely Low
Grind Settings Unlimited
Has Portafilter Holder No
Made In Italy
Manufacturer Eureka
Material N/A
Programmable N/A
Sound Level < 60 db
Type Of Controls N/A
Volts 110 / 120V
Watts 320


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