La Spaziale S1 Dream Espresso Machine


La Spaziale S1 Dream Espresso Machine

La Spaziale was established in 1969 by a group of people with a dazzling and revolutionary history in the espresso industry. Producing out-of-the-ordinary results, La Spaziale brings together the latest promising technology with years of unswerving espresso brewing experience.

The Vivaldi line by La Spaziale has been updated several times now, including the very popular Vivaldi II, which we helped design with the company and was the recipient of the Coffeegeek Editors' Choice Award for Best New Product in 2006. Now comes the latest iteration with the perfect name for one of the absolute best single group dual boiler espresso machines, the La Spaziale S1 Dream Espresso Machine. This machine features a newly designed programmable touchpad, similar to other popular electronic screens and displays.
It features a Rotary Pump, Dual Boiler and PID Technology using LaSpaziale's Patented Brewing Group 

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Dual Boiler
The dual boiler system enables you to brew outstanding espresso without much wait. Its superior temperature regulation is managed by two separate boilers- one for hot water (capacity 2.5 liters) and the second for brewing (capacity .45 liter boiler).

PID Temperature Control
The La Spaziale Dream has excellent temperature control with its PID controller. It controls both the steam and espresso boilers with separate set temperatures. It allows the set temperature of water to the variability of one Fahrenheit degree.

Automatic Boiler Refill
The boiler is refilled automatically and is equipped with a built-in safety thermostat for exceptional temperature control, without the worry of burning it out.

A totally new and groundbreaking feature. The Dream's touchpad allows for easy adjustments of water temperature, volumetric settings or length of pre-infusion. It can also perform as a shot timer!

Automatic Dosing
This wonderful machine from La Spaziale can be programmed to extract shots for however short or long you prefer. Based on your settings, the extraction will shut off automatically.

Rotary Pump
The machine comes equipped with a super quiet rotary pump that works efficiently to extract ideal shots of espresso.

Professional Gauge
The front-mounted temperature gauge monitors the pressure in the boiler. This is a very nice feature for getting consistent espresso..

Swivel Steam Arm
The La Spaziale Dream incorporates a swivel stainless steel steam wand with 1.3mm four-hole tip to create flawless cappuccinos and other milk-based drinks.

The La Spaziale Dream comes with a detailed instruction manual and a set of two 53mm portafilters- one for single shots, the other for doubles. 

Width 42 cm
Deph 42 cm
Height 38 cm
Weight 29.5 kg
Watts 1250W
Volts 110/120V
Boiler Type Dual Boiler
Boilers Capacity: Coffee 0.45 l
Boilers Capacity: Steam 2.5 l
Temperature Control PID




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