Mahlkonig E65 GBW Espresso Grinder


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Mahlkonig E65 GBW Espresso Grinder

Caffetech Canada presents the Mahlkonig E65GBW Espresso Grinder. Where the E65 S relies on time to dispense the appropriate amount of coffee, the Mahlkonig E65 GBW uses a Weight Based Scale Technology located at the Base of the grinder to detect the exact amount of ground coffee required in the pre-set programming. The E65 GBW has the added value of Being able to be operated by Volume as opposed to weight through the programming interface.  Mahlkonig continues to produce quality grinders since 1924.  E65S combines Mahlkönig's technology with the company's patented Disc Distance Detection technology. The result is incredible accuracy when it comes to both grind size and dose. The E65S from Mahlkonig replaces the the K30 Vario Models with a complete new look, new design, new motor upgrades and so many more features.  The E65 Uses a Menu with symbolic Icons to allow the Barista to select up to 6 grind recipes based on the stored grind settings preset in the Menu. The Menu is very intuitive and simple to manage. You can select all your espresso settings needed but also use this E65 Mahlkonig grinder as a Filter Coffee Also.  
The integrated Portafilter detection recognizes the portafilter automatically, which allows the User to lift the portafilter mid way  through the grinding interval to control the portafilter grounds. Once the portafilter rests back on the detection fork - the grinder will resume grinding to finalize the preset volume. A feature that allows the user greater control and the ability to keep a very clean work station, 
Built strong, yet elegant in design with great features such as the adjustable portafilter fork height, easily removable chute for cleaning- and a simple dial grind setting,  the E65S produces a pleasant and quiet grinding sound, and its overall construction is great with a strong volume of grind production that serves a small to medium cafe volume. Note that the E65GBW Mahlkonig presented by CaffeTech Canada is intended for an appropriate volume that a 65 mm Burr grinder can accommodate. 
With the E65S you will enjoy tremendous control over your espresso quality.


  • Grind By Weight Technology
  • Patented Disc Distance Detection
  • Portafilter Detection
  • Active Cooling System
  • High-Resolution Display

Grind by Weight
Mahlkonig E65 GBW uses a Weight Based Scale Technology located at the Base of the grinder to detect the exact amount of ground coffee required in the pre-set programming.

Disk Distance Detection
The innovative Disc Distance Detection offers unparalleled accuracy in achieving exactly the desired grind size. This is the first espresso grinder to feature grind adjustments based on the actual distance between the burrs.

Cool Grinding
Mahlkönig's engineers have designed a temperature control system for the E65S GbW motor. Cooling is achieved by bringing in fresh air to motor continuously. An additional fan gets activated when the E65S GbW is grinding higher loads, in order to prevent your espresso beans from suffering from any possible negative influence by rising temperatures. Even under heavy-duty laboratory tests, where the E65S GbW was used to grind 100 shots straight, the temperature of the ground coffee never reached the 50-degree mark.

Depth 28.3 cm
Height 62 cm
Weight 12.2 kg
Width 19.5 cm
Bean Hopper Capacity 1.2 lg
Bean Hopper Material Plastic
Best Suited For Espresso
Burr Material Special Steel
Burr Size 65 mm
Burr Speed 1700 rpm
Burr Type Flat
Colour Black
Dispensing Method Doserless
Grind Adjustment Patented Technology
Grind Retention N/A
Grind Settings Disc Distance Detection
Has Portafilter Holder Yes
Made In Germany
Manufacturer Mahlkonig
Material N/A
Programmable Yes
Sound Level Low
Type Of Controls Digital
Volts 110 / 120V
Watts 580 W
Product Code CG-MAHL-E65S-GBW


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