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Mazzer ZM Plus Multi Coffee Grinder

Expected delivery date Late July- 2024

CaffeTech Canada presents the Mazzer PHILOS MULTI PURPOSE grinder. Designed for both filter and Espresso. This is Mazzer's first single dose grinder that is built rock solid and features the reliability and build quality that has made Mazzer one of the most respected grinder manufacturer in the coffee industry. Convertible in stepped or stepless adjustment, the Mazzer Philos offered through CaffeTech Canada comes with 64 mm stainless steel flat burrs. The grinder comes standard with the Filter coffee/Espresso burrs but you may purchase  the distinct espresso burr set used on the MIni Electronic grinder 

The Philos is factory fitted with filter coffee burrs(1200D) - 

Contact today to learn more about the highly anticipated Mazzer Philos.  

Caffetech Canada is an authorized reseller and carries a large inventory of the Compete Mazzer Grinder portfoliio.  


  • I200D (factory-fitted): characterized by a very uniform particle size distribution, these innovative burrs generate low fines and outstanding flavor clarity, enhancing pleasant acidity and fruity notes.

    CaffeTech doesn't recommend the use of burrs 189D (so the current burrs of Mazzer Mini) on the Philos, as they are not made of stainless steel. Home users frequently spray water on beans before inserting them in the hopper and because the burrs are not constantly covered by coffee powder (Philos is a single dose grinder) this might cause rust on the burrs teeth with the passing of time. If you do not intend to spray the beans with water then the 189D burrs are great and will work better for espresso.

    Both sets of burrs for Philos (I189D and I200D) are made of stainless steel. They are both multipurpose, so capable of grinding both for filter and espresso, but offer two different taste profiles. These are the differences of each burr set:

    I200D  BURRS
    Offer more clarity of tasting notes and flavour separation, they are particularly suited for light to medium roasted coffees. They give an exceptionally crispy taste with bright and clear separated fruits and florals, a well balanced pleasant acidity and medium body. You will experience a very clean cup and fresh finish.
    I189D BURRS
    Are an updated version of the well-known worldwide appreciated burrs of Mazzer Mini. You can expect from these burrs full bodied cups with mellow taste and balanced sweet extractions with a velvety mouthfeel. They perform best with medium to dark roasted coffees, enhancing chocolate and dried fruits notes. You will get a very complex and ever changing cup, with a lingering finish


Philos allows you to switch seamlessly from one origin or brewing method to another without wasting coffee and time.
The grinder is designed and tested to avoid retention and contaminations of coffees in the grinding chamber.
The handy dose-finisher collects any ground coffee residue while cleaning the chute. When not in use, it can be stored in its dedicated slot behind the front plate.


  • Soft turning adjustment dial, easy to reach from the FRONT. Grasp and turn with one hand all around. Highly visible notches and index from the front and the top, even in dark/ narrow/ short environments.
  • Frontal ACCESS to the grinding chamber to clean or change the burrs without tools and WITHOUT LOSING THE GRIND SETTING, as the adjustment dial is located on the back. This position also prevents any unintended collar movement.
  • Possibility to SHORTEN THE HEIGHT of the grinder as bean feeding is possible and safe even WITHOUT THE STAINLESS STEEL HOPPER (up to approximately 24 g to the slide). The locking slide always stays on the grinder.
  • Controllability of the adjustment movement is secured by the repeatable steps of the dial.
  • The grinder is designed to lower electrostatic charges in the ground coffee, keeping the counter clean from coffee dust.
  • Strong neodymium magnets hold the stainless steel dosing cup (which fits 58mm portafilters) and the dose-finisher in place.
  • The cable can be shortened and stored inside the grinder to keep the counter neat and tidy.


    Philos’ neat design, inspired by the sleek lines of Mazzer ZM, works well on any countertop.

    • Philos is compact and takes up little counter space, making it easy to fit into tight spaces.
    • The asynchronous motor and precise component machining provide durability over time and high reliability.
    • Stiff and sturdy construction and polished mating surfaces grant precision of coupling parts during grinding and during years of use.
    • Premium materials like stainless steel, brass and anodized aluminum make the 12.5 kg grinder not only reliable, but also easy to recycle and sustainable.
    • Tight tolerances, low frequencies and a vibration-damping system keep the Philos quiet and stable.
    • Electronic and mechanic security systems keep the user safe even when the hopper is off.
    • The components that come into contact with coffee are food-safe.


      • Vertically-oriented flat burrs, a carefully engineered pre-breaker and a geometrically optimized grinding duct control any popcorning effect and ensure that a constant flow of beans feeds the grinding chamber at the correct rate. The long auger (pre-breaker) prevents clogging, regrinding and non-uniformity of the particles.
      • Before leaving the factory, each Philos is carefully tested to ensure the perfect parallelism of the burrs.


        Easily switch from stepped to stepless mode with a simple procedure.

        • Stepped mode: with single-step increments as small as 6 microns, the graduated adjustment ring covers all brewing methods, from espresso to batch brew. This makes grind adjustment a breeze, ensuring repeatibility in your recipes.
        • Stepless mode: if you are looking for infinite settings to dial in the perfect shot, Philos can be converted into a stepless grinder.


          Pick between two sets of 64mm flat original Mazzer burrs. Both perform well with various brewing methods, such as filter coffee or espresso. They are made with high-quality, food-safe stainless steel to prevent oxidation and moisture damage (even when using RDT). Additionally, they are factory-seasoned to be efficient from day one with no waste of coffee or time.

          • I200D (factory-fitted): characterized by a very uniform particle size distribution, these innovative burrs generate low fines and outstanding flavor clarity, enhancing pleasant acidity and fruity notes.
          • I189D (factory-fitted upon request): the evolution of the iconic Mazzer Mini burrs, they are the right choice if you seek full-bodied extractions and a rich velvety mouthfeel. Easy to dial-in and great with medium-dark roasts, they are the best pick for traditional Italian espresso.

Grind settings: micrometrical step and stepless

Burrs: Stainless steel hybrid flat burrs 64mm (3 ¼ in) for filter and espresso. (I200D high clarity or I189D high body)

Grinding burrs speed: 1400 rpm (50 Hz) - 1600 rpm (60Hz)

Body: anodized aluminum

Hopper capacity: 60g (0.13 lbs)

Net weight: 12.5 kg (27.5 lbs)

Canister: capacity 60 g / for ø58 portafilters

Optional: canister for ø53 portafilters


D - 351 mm

H - 361 mm

W - 153 mm





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