Mazzer Super Jolly V Pro Electronic Espresso Grinder

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Mazzer Super Jolly V Pro Electronic Espresso Grinder

CaffeTech Canada presents the Mazzer Super Jolly V  Pro Electronic Espresso Grinder. The Super Jolly V Pro is the latest member of the Mazzer Commercial grinder family that utilizes the newest Burr collar design.  

The Mazzer Super Jolly V Pro Electronic Espresso Grinder is an electronic coffee grinder with manual or regulated single and double doses. The Mazzer Super Jolly V Electronic Espresso Grinder grinds on demand, so every dose of coffee is fresh. The Mazzer SuperJolly V Pro Espresso Grinder has a touch panel on top of the dosing hopper with simple buttons to press for a single or double dose of espresso. The volume of each dose can be calibrated using a digital timer with increments of 1/20 th of a second.
The Mazzer Super Jolly V Pro Electronic Espresso Grinder is the ideal choice for an espresso enthusiasts home, a busy cafe or a sophisticated office. The solid specifications of this grinder include digital electronic dosing, infinite grind adjustments, powerful 350-watt motor, 64mm high-grade steel burrs and a bean hopper with large capacity. 

The New Platform ( V &S)  Mazzer Grinders are a much improved design allowing for Burr Cleaning without losing the current grind adjustment. Also, the access to the Burr assembly is much more accessible than the prior designs.  


Protect your coffee beans from temperature exposure and preserve your bean’s fresh roasted flavor with the double fan cooling system.


Uniform coffee grounds and consistent dosing to keep consistent results.


64mm flat burrs have been re-engineered to speed up the dosing time by 20%. 100% made in Italy by Mazzer.


GFC Reduces the electrostatic charge which causes the coffee powder on tray and counter and prevents clumping.


93% of the grinder weight comes from premium materials like stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper, to make it not only durable but also easy to recycle and eco-friendly.


Low retention grinder to save time and coffee each time you change your settings.
  • Upgraded Mazzer V Pro Controls 
  • Digital Electronic Dosing:
    The Mazzer Super Jolly V Pro Electronic has a electronic dose adjustment with a digital display and shot counter. Single and double doses have independent adjustment.

  • Heavy-duty Motor and Grinding Burrs:
    The unit is powered by a 350 watt motor, which spins the grinding burrs at 1600 RPM. It also has a thermal overload switch that will automatically shut down the motor if it begins to overheat. The Mazzer Super Jolly features 64mm commercial grade steel burrs to crush the large quantities of coffee quicker while imparting very little heat to the freshly ground coffee, thereby preserving its true flavor.

  • Stepless Grind Settings:
    With its stepless micro-metrical grinding adjustment, the Mazzer Super jolly is capable of grinding form very fine (for Turkish coffee or espresso) to very coarse (for French press or drip coffee makers) with ease. Fineness levels can be easily changed using the grind adjustment disc located below the hopper.

  • Large Capacity Bean Hopper:
    The Super Jolly includes a large bean hopper made of clear plastic with a black plastic lid, so that your coffee beans stay fresh as they are protected from the ambient air. It can hold up to 2.7 lbs of beans and an integrated trap door allows for easy changing of beans without emptying. It is also compatible with Mazzer's smaller hopper to lower the height.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance:
    To clean the burrs, unscrew the grind adjustment disc and remove the top burr. Use a cleaning brush or a soft cloth to clean the burrs. The hopper can be removed and cleaned with non-abrasive detergent and warm water.

  • Motor output 350 watt
  • Timer switch standard
  • ETL Certified

Please Note: Most Mazzer grinders are tested before they leave the factory, so it 's normal to find coffee grounds in them. 

Use: on demand

Version: electronic

Power: 350 watt

Grinding adjustment: Stepless micrometric grinding adjustment

Burrs: flat

Standard Burrs: 233M

Diameter standard burrs: Ø 64mm (2 1/2 inches)

Weight: 14 kg (31 lbs)

RPM: 1400 rpm @50Hz | 1600 rpm @60Hz

Body: aluminum die casting

Hopper capacity: 1.1 kg (2.4 lbs)

GFC: hybrid damper

Cooling system: Double fan cooling system

IoT: Optional

Output: medium

Extraction method: espresso

Recordable time settings: 3

mm inches
A 207 8 1/4
B 240 9 1/2
C 255 10
D 410 16 1/4
E 210 8 1/4
H 595 23 1/2
H hopperMINI 0.6 kg (to be ordered as spare part) 535 21 ¼
H hopperMINI 0.32 kg (standard fitted upon request) 495 19 ½
H hopperJOLLY 1.2 kg (to be ordered as spare part) 605 24
H hopperJOLLY V 1.1 kg (standard) 595 23 ½
H hopperMini 1.1 kg (to be ordered as spare part) 580 23
H hopperCilindric 1.3 kg (standard fitted upon request) 580 23



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