Mazzer ZM Plus Multi Purpose Coffee Grinder


Mazzer ZM Multi Coffee Grinder

The Mazzer ZM Coffee Grinder is a grinder with adjustment system that allows measurement of the actual distance between the burrs in microns. To do this, the ZM uses a stepper motor to control burr distance, and calibrates the zero point between the burrs upon first setup and every time the burrs are serviced or replaced. It is extremely flexible by changing the burr distance and can be used both for filter coffee, Batch Brew, pour over and espresso. It is extremely flexible and can be used both for filter coffee and espresso just changing the burrs. On the digital display 20 preset grind settings can be recorded, with 4 pre-programmable buttons for quick recipe recall. The Mazzer ZM Coffee Grinder has coffee retention of under 0.45 grams to allow for single dosing. These features create a grinder that fits perfectly in the workflow of a specialty cafe and Roaster Cafe Operation where retail Coffee Bags of various coffee grind settings are sold in good volume

Internally, the ZM uses 83 mm flat steel burrs, mounted vertically directly over the exit chute - which can be outfitted with a bag clamp spout or a catch cup using a quick-twist fitting that makes swapping a cinch. Thanks to that short grind path, retention is also quite low. Our testing found that residual dust and grounds in the burrs measured less than 1 gram when grinding for filter, and under 5 grams when ground for espresso. The only outlier we found was that the bag clamp spout can hold 10 grams or so if grinding a large batch (70-100 grams or more), but knocking the spout with the clamp freed those grounds up easily. Multiple burr options are available for the ZM: the included 151F model burrs are excellent at grinding for brewed coffee from fine to coarse, and the 151G burrs are meant to further improve grind uniformity. By installing espresso burrs (151B), you can pull exceptional shots of espresso from most any coffee, and the ZM can of course grind fine enough for pressure profiling machines or lower pressure extractions.

A digital control panel on the front of the ZM is accessed using the combination knob and button on the right side of the grinder. Turning the knob will scroll through menu options, and pushing the knob in accesses the selected option. Up to 20 grind settings can be stored in the grinder's memory, and up to 4 of those can be stored on the quick access buttons on the front of the display. The grinder can also be run in timed mode, using a single set burr distance, so a full hopper may be used to dose out various portions of ground coffee. Included is a small 320 gram hopper, and larger accessory hoppers are available for purchase.

  • Flat burrs
  • Low coffee retention  (<0.45 g)
  • Electronic True Zero calibration
  • Low r.p.m. with excellent grinding speed
  • Ventilation system with electronic control
  • Micrometrical digital grind adjustment mechanism
  • Can record up to 20 grind settings
  • Grinding chamber easy to clean
  • On-demand dosing capability
  • Double safety switch
  • Patented lockable canister to keep coffee grounds from getting on the counter
  • Bag holder
  • Standard equipment: 320g hopper
  • Optional: 1,3 kg (2,9 lbs) hopper, inox canister


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