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• Double-skinned cabinet and door, made of stainless inox AISI 304.
• Press-moulded wash tank with radial corners, inclined to filters.
• Press-moulded basket guides with radial corners directly in the tank.
• Easy-clean-filter system.
• Counter-balanced door.
• Two wash and two rinse stainless-steel arms, independent and rotary.
• Micro security door.
• Stand-by system for energy saving.
• Soft start system.
• Peristaltic rinse dosing unit, adjusted from control panel.
• HY-NRG rinse function with pressure booster pump keeping set temperature and quantity of water used in rinsing at constant levels.
• Insulated atmospheric boiler and break tank.
• Auto self-cleaning cycle ofthe wash tank atthe end ofthe service (with rinse pump).
• Innovative electronic control panel with high-resolution color TFT 45×60 mm screen for intuitive programming of the machine.
• Direct control on temperatures, work stage,time and possible anomalies.
• Storing of daily cycle quantity and through out the life of the machine.
• Four purpose-designed washing cycles for various types of crockery to be washed.
• Two menu levels, protected by a pin code: an operator and a technical menu (after-sales service).

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