Slayer Espresso V3 - 2 GROUP Standard configuration Model with colour options


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Slayer Espresso V3 - Standard configuration Model with colour options

CaffeTech Canada presents the Slayer V3 Espresso Machine. The V3 provides flow rate control via the patented needle-valve technology allowing the barista to extract espresso that is unparalleled in flavour and mouthfeel. comes equipped with an independent brew boiler per group for impeccable temperature stability and a dedicated boiler for unlimited steam capacity. The Slayer Espresso is unmatched in innovation and capabilities––it is the dream machine.

Enjoy the best that your espresso has to offer with Slayers signature needle valve flow control. The Slayer espresso divides extraction into multiple stages and manipulates flow rate to highlight the inherent sweetness of espresso. Extreme grind fineness, made possible by patented pre-brew technology, lends to extraordinary body and beautiful Crema. Around the world, professional baristas are making exceptional coffee with the Slayer Espresso coffee machine offered through CaffeTech.

Slayer’s flagship product. Uncompromisingly manual and completely focused on extraction. It is the only espresso machine that lets you precisely and consistently control the flow rate of water allowing you to grind coffee finer and develop incredible flavor profiles. Contact to learn more about the full range of Slayer espresso machine options. 

    Incredible Temperature Stability
    Heats up quickly, unlimited steam capacity, & consistent temperature at the group

    Patented Needle Valve
    Grind finer and perfect your flavor profile with a restricted water flow rate that produces espresso unlike any other machine

    Independent Brew & Steam Tanks
    Always have hot, stable water & steam on-demand

    Handcrafted & Customizable
    Built with both form and function in mind—the choice is yours on wood type, panel color, metal finishes, cup rails, the possibilities are endless

    Commercial Grouphead
    Equipped with a resettable and life-time shot counter, this grouphead is rated at 1 million cycles

    Intentional Design
    Shot mirrors to keep an eye on the perfect extraction, low-profile for engaging with guests, ergonomic features that feel good to work on—everything made with the user in mind

      Two Group Three Group
    Width 30.5 in / 77.5 cm 40.5 in / 103 cm
    Depth 26.5 in / 67.5 cm 26.5 in / 67.5 cm
    Height 17 in / 43.5 cm 17 in / 43.5 cm
    Weight 220 lb / 100 kg 305 lb / 139 kg
    Brew Tanks 1.7 L, 600 W (x2) 1.7 L, 600 W (x3)
    Pre-Heat Tanks 3.3L, 1000 W 5.4 L, 1000 W
    Steam Tanks 7.4 L, 3,500 W 12 L, 4,500 W
    Single-Phase Power 220-240 V, 50/60 hz; 26 A; 5.7—6.9 kW 220-240 V,50/60 hz; 35 A; 7.3—8.7 kW
    Three-Phase Power 380-415 V3N, 50/60 hz; 17 A; 5.7—6.9 kW 380-415 V3N, 50/60 hz; 22 A; 7.3—8.7 kW
    Please note that all colour options are depictions of the colour through your computer monitor care of Slayer's product building program. The slayer catalogue has been supplied in resources as well. CaffeTech Canada will not be responsible for colour shades that do not match your exact expectations. Colours are considered custom options and all Custom options can take up to 12- 16 weeks. There are no cancellations on these custom orders. Please insure that you can wait the time required for professional customization through Slayer
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    Expert sales consultation available through knowledgeable professionals that are available via telephone or live chat until 11 pm PST. You can reach us at 780-414-1200, extension 1. Rest assured, you'll be assisted by real, knowledgeable individuals, not bots.

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    Parts Support

    At CaffeTech Canada we are committed to your purchase and the Coffee machine industry. With one of the largest selection of spare parts in the industry we can ensure that your equipment investment is maximized. Visit our parst section to shop parts by manufacturer, by parts schematics or by category (hydraulics - electronics - group head parts - etc).

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    Top Tier Care

    If you encounter equipment failures after or within the warranty period, please retain the original packaging to facilitate the return of the equipment for warranty coverage. CaffeTech Canada may redirect you to one of our 15 service affiliates across the country if this is more convenient for you. Please note that over 95% of warranty issues can be managed and resolved over the phone at 780-414-1200, Extension 2. Rest assured that At CaffeTech Canada we have you covered.

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    At Caffetech Canada, we care about your product and delivering it safely to you with no damage. We choose appropriate shipping levels to limit issues in delivery . We will use more expensive freight options that guarantee safe delivery of your profits.

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